Daniel Brophy

Growing up in New Jersey, USA, immersed in an urban environment, Daniel Brophy’s paintings often express themes from his past, observations on everyday-life, and reflections on how humans construct meaning in their lives. Brophy’s recent work in progress also embodies his experience of moving to Denmark with his family.
Brophy’s artistic practice involves working on several paintings at a time. When developing a new work, Brophy routinely puts down his ideas for a painting in writing, followed by a series of sketches. His ideas or scenarios come through many portals: a train window, a memory from childhood, a stage-set from a movie, a moment in history, a room in his apartment.

Brophy often blends the representational image with the abstract image, making works that are textural both in density of line and thickness of paint. He uses methods of painting, drawing, silk-screening, etching, and collage.
For Brophy, painting is a way to slow down time, to create something tangible about a particular experience or emotion. Painting allows him to set an anchor for the mind and to take a closer look at something.

Telefon: 30 23 50 64
Email: dbrophy3@gmail.com
Web: www.danielbrophy.com